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Boruto Naruto The Movie English Sub 1080p Hd kamtan




The continuous attacks and counter attacks and heavy pressure against Boruto’s team to take the Shinobi Tower still continue. Finally, in the end, a prize is given for everyone. In this two-chapter Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the most remarkable character is of course Boruto Uzumaki, grandson of the eighth Hokage, but the first is none other than Danzo himself. Although he is one of the main characters, he is extremely ferocious, strong, and cruel, he’s the type of person who will do anything for his personal objectives. But Boruto also has a very strong aura of a skilled ninja, and is a very gifted boy. Boruto is a character who is both very cute and very strong, the combination of the two results in a very interesting, fierce, and shocking Boruto. In the event of the battle between Kiri (secret police) and Naruto, despite being the ninth Hokage, Boruto is also capable of being a fighter in this battle. Although he is a young boy, Boruto is still no match for Naruto’s strength. Boruto is one of the characters who has a very strong pressure on him, and is under a lot of pressure. Not only that, his grandfather is also on the opposite side, and he has to fight against him. And all of this is combined with his beloved mother’s illness. All of these factors add to the pressure Boruto has to take. However, in the end, he is truly a hero who does not only go up to fight but also goes to the rescue of his mother. It is a fact that he has the strongest sense of duty. It is a very brave and decisive character. In addition, this two-chapter Boruto: Naruto the Movie is filled with the action and excitement. In terms of the climax, the fight between Danzo and Boruto (that’s right, the grandson of the eighth Hokage is fighting against the Danzo, the strongest man of the Sandaime Hokage) is very great. Boruto: Naruto the Movie English Subtitle Download The Kenerijo Episode 2 Subtitle Download Kenerijo Episode 2 Subtitle Download Boruto Episode 1 Subtitle Download Boruto Episode 2 Subtitle




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Boruto Naruto The Movie English Sub 1080p Hd kamtan

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